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Our products are fresh and healthy.

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Whether it is fruits, vegetables, or any other kind product from us, we assure to deliver nothing but the best and un-compromised quality. With our trained quality professionals, we make sure that your food is always safe for consumption.

Our long-standing partnerships with growers and producers all around the world allow us to deliver premium products to you with the best possible price.


Why Choose Us?

Our Business Hub of Middle East – Dubai, with years of experience in the Fresh Fruit market. our extensive experience enables us to gain the best quality fresh produce and pricing for our customers.

Natural Food

Biologically Safe

Conserve Biodiversity

Organic Food Items

Handpicked and curated Farmers and Suppliers to ensure that you get only the best quality products.

Our Imports


Dubai’s location, infrastructure, government support and excellent in-market service have proven fertile ground for the Fresh Fruits Company. With Dubai as a hub, we successfully export our products and brand of service to countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council, the Middle East, Africa and the Sub-Continent. Fruit is such a fundamental word that underpins not only who we are as people, but echoes through all our languages and cultures. We talk of the ‘fruits of success’, or the ‘fruit of our labours’ or dreams coming ‘into fruition’. Fruit is the essential sweetness that makes our lives worth living. It would be a hard world, indeed, to imagine without it.

Pome Fruits

Fresh Fruits covers the world with our selection and depth of range in our premium quality fruit products, whether they come from the farthest, most distant places—or just down the road.

Stone Fruits

Citrus Fruits

Choose from the Best Quality Fruits and Vegetables

Fresh Imports From The Best Farms Across The Globe

We issue competitive prices and premium quality to our clients. We are passionate about delivering cost effective products for healthy choices. We are experts in importing the best quality of fresh fruits and vegetables from different countries.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to continuously seek better ways to procure, process, and deliver high-quality fruits & vegetables in the most economical, sustainable, and environment-friendly way.

Our Values

We are wholesale distributors of Fruits and Vegetable Foods in UAE. We have expanded our product range over time to cater to the truly diverse requirements of our customers..

Our Vision

Consistently delivering Superior Quality and other Food Stuff to our customers, have cemented our position as the preferred choice for Hotels, Retailers, and other businesses.